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Valentine’s Day – Simple Activities and Options for Students

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

Scary thought, right?

Valentine’s Day can be full of fun activities, chaos, and candy. If you need some ideas to resources and activities, you’ve made it to the right place!

Below are some Valentine’s Day activities available in my TPT store, along with some details about the products that could possibly help inspire you to think of simple activities to use in your room as well! (links are also available if you prefer the convenience of purchasing instead)

Things I Love Flipbook FREEBIE

This simple freebie is a classic flipbook. Simply have students cut out the dotted lines, then staple (or glue) the top of each page together to create a flipbook! Students will write or illustrate about things they love, with up to six pages available for them to use.

Two versions are available in the download. One has blank pages, allowing creative freedom for the size of illustrations and writings. The second version has lines and a box for drawings, giving students guidance on how much to write and draw for those who need it.

You can create your own through PowerPoint or Google Slides, using the box tool to create the sizes and adding you own text! If you’re interested in downloading the freebie, click here to find it on TPT!

What I Love Writing and Art Activities

This activity has seven different differentiated activities to allow students to express things they love! Not only is the flipbook freebie included, but there are six other activities focused on identifying things that students love in their life. They include making lists, drawings, writing prompts, and more! You can see more about this product here.

Write the Room

If you’ve visited the blog before, then you know how much I love Write the Room activities! They are such a fun and creative way to get students in the holiday spirit while also encouraging writing and movement in the classroom. You can read more about why I love Write the Room activities here!

In the Valentine’s Day version, students can write about different vocabulary words around Valentine’s Day, learn more about how Valentine’s Day began, and different traditions around it! Click here to take a look at the product on TPT.

Roll and Read

As a reading teacher, I love to give students different ways to practice their reading skills and involve current things going on in the classroom. Roll and Read gets students to read different vocabulary around Valentine’s Day, and encourages them to read in a game format! Flashcards can be used along with writing passages, or the playmat of 25 words to roll from and randomly read is an enjoyable twist to encourage reading different words! You can take a deeper dive into the product here.

Valentine’s Day Math and ELA Bundle

This bundle includes a few of the activities already discussed in the blog – Write the Room and Roll and Read. It also includes three different math activities: word problems, practicing rounding, and addition and subtraction. The bundle gives you lots of choices of ways for students to work on math, reading, and writing while being in the Valentine’s Day spirit! You can take a look at it here.

Pixel Art Bundle

Pixel Art is engaging method for students to practice math on the computer! It self-corrects answers, because if students get the answer correct, colors appear! The goal is to answer all questions correctly and uncover all of the pictures.

If you have enough patience and are ready to follow along to some YouTube tutorials, you can create your own by using Excel or Google Sheets. The bundle above for the pixel art is available here, too!

Valentine’s Day (and any holiday) can have enjoyable activities for students to participate in to keep academics going while still enjoying the day!

Thank you for reading and being here <3

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