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Write the Room Activities in All Elementary Grades

A fun and simple way to engage students in any work you’d like to focus on!

One of the most magical activities I have found for my students is Write the Room. I’ve taught second, third, and fourth grades, and had always thought Write the Room activities were for kindergarten and first graders to focus on sight words. One day, I needed to create a lesson to cover government and wanted something engaging and movement-focused for my energetic fourth graders. I did some research, and realized… Huh, I can make Write the Room work for my students! My students loved it, and the itch to create more of these activities started!

I started creating Write the Room activities for a variety of things – social studies, math review, holidays… And found every time that my students were engaged and learned about the topic we focused on.

So, let’s dive more into what Write the Room activities can be!

What actually is it?

Quite simply, Write the Room activities are activities that require students to move around the room and find answers to the questions or instructions on their answer sheet. This could be writing the answers to math questions. It could also be responding to different questions on task cards. The questions could be on the task cards placed around the room, or on the student’s answer sheets and they have to go to the task cards to find and write down the answer.

The biggest key with Write the Room is making sure that numbers match on the answer sheet and the task cards. This will allow students to know what answers go where on their answer sheet and will help you grade the activity in the end.

A task card about Valentine's Day and an answer sheet for the task card.
Valentine’s Example

Simple to Complex – A Scaffolding Dream

Write the Room activities can be scaffolded as you would like, and as simple or complex as you’d like! This is the key to why it can work for a variety of grades.

For younger students, it may be focusing on putting sight words on cards to place around the room and have students go around and write the words in the correct spot on a worksheet. For older students, it could be reading a short paragraph on a task card and responding to a question on their answer sheet using that information. You might want students to focus on handwriting and copying answers, or reading a section to create a short response to. Creating Write the Room activities allows you to adapt to your student’s needs and strengths. 

Focus on Any Skills You Want!

You can create your activities to focus on anything you would like – from math to reading to science and social studies. You can create questions to help students review a topic, or to introduce them to a new theme. You can have students write answers or copy answers to practice handwriting.

Write the Room can become as tailored as you need for your classroom. It can also allow you and your students to learn a variety of things, based on your needs.

Fun Way to Include New Content, Holidays, and Themes

My favorite way to use Write the Room activities is to create them around festivities that are happening in the school, such as holidays or themes. You can have students engage in the history of Valentine’s Day, or learn fun facts about what superstitions people had around the First Day of Fall. Students can learn all about these topics, and be working on reading, writing, and critical thinking skills all at the same time, depending on what type of activity you want to focus on.

Write the Room is a creative and engaging way to get students moving and learning! You can create these yourself for your classroom, or click here to take a look at ones I’ve created and posted on TpT to save some time!

Keep an eye out for a guide to create your own Write the Room activity coming soon!

Thanks for reading!

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